Services(Click pictures)


We refinish the markers only using the best quality paint available. To make this finish last we use a three step process which is, primer coat, base coat, the finish coat. Using the factory colors this will give the appearance as it was when it was new. All of the raised edges and meticulously polished and then preserved to give that great look for a long time.


Our repair service is to help with the changes around you loved ones site. Leveling the marker back to the place it is supposed to be in. Sometimes the grave will sink due to settling. we can rework the ground and replace the sod, so its nice and level with the contour of the landscape.


If we are unable to repair it or it gets damaged in anyway, we can replace it with the same look or even a new one if thats’ what is desired. There are new models and different looks coming out every week, so we should be able to find something the pleases you.