Markers Sales


We have a wide range of different markers to choose from. From Bronze with or without vases, to upright granite with or without vase on them. Different features to choose from on both bronze and granite. There are different boarder to choose and add_ons. And if you want we can even have etchings done with what ever pictures you bring in.

Bronze Double Companion

This Bronze marker is for the Wife and Husband that wants to rest together. It can be in many different styles, such as pictured, wheat_spray, nature_scenes, prairie_scenes and so on. 

Single Markers

These are for the individual spaces that can be done. These also have many different styles to choose from. Like different side features to scenic.

Carved Granite

These are called grass markers, they are craved letters in granite. They come in in single, with or without vase and companion.

Granite Uprights

These come in different sizes and many features. And even in many color variations with beautiful engravings. You can vases or not, and even scenes add on the top or bottom.

Etched Markers

Now these are some special markers we can get. They are etched in the material use the latest lasers etching equipment and come out brilliant.    

Bronze Vases

These are the vase that are available. There are several to choose from. in different colors.