Who we buy from.


We will be using STAR GRANITE for our markers . They are a company that’s be around for many years and produce a great product.

Star Granite & Bronze, a family owned company, is a full service manufacturer of both granite and bronze products. In 2010, Star Granite received the Georgia Manufacturer of the Year award for a small company.

In 1951, a small privately owned granite company called Star Granite opened in Elberton, Georgia.  Over the years, our company has grown to become a respected leader in the granite memorialization industry by providing top quality consistently with service beyond our customer’s expectations.

As a wholesale quarrier and manufacturer, Star Granite Company owns its own state of the art facilities and has developed a comprehensive line of products which include bases for bronze memorials, grass markers, slants, bevels, upright monuments, memorial benches, columbariums as well as cemetery features and private mausoleums. Because we produce our products, we retain the highest control of quality and ultimately the service to our customers.

We are driven by our desire to be the most professional and quality-focused company within our industry. Our mission continues to be that Star Granite Company will conduct business with integrity and ethically. However for us it’s not just about business, it goes much deeper than that. All of our employees are lead by our guiding principles as we serve our customers.